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Sand Sailer 2015
Sand Sailer 2015

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Sand Sailer 2015

The Sand Sailer has a simpler design making it easier to assemble. This great sandpit scews together and forms a complete boat measuring 165cm long x 78 cm wide x 114cm high.

This fantastic sandpit has a convenient and generous toy storage compartment in the bow with a lift off lid and a solid wooden lid which folds out to provide seating for all the crew.

The central mast holds a fun steering wheel allows the captain to take the helm and supports a sail shaped blue canopy.

It includes a plastic underlay to contain the sand and a plastic tie on cover to keep animals and leaves out of the sand.

The sand play area of this sand pit boat measures 90cm x 76cm and is 20cm deep so there is pleanty of room for the captain and his crew to all play together.
Our Price: 156.80